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The Ten Most Annoying Things About Apple Watch

  1. Message delay from phone to watch – I can hear my phone signaling a message has arrived but it takes a while to show up on my watch
  2. You have to remember to turn both watch and iPhone back on after being in airplane mode, even if set to “mirror phone”
  3. Only black watch faces? Really?
  4. Having to re-provision all my cards on to my watch for Apple Pay (even though, as a payments geek, I understand why, it’s still annoying)
  5. Haptic “pokes” not hard enough for my thick skin – I sometimes miss them
  6. Using the scroll wheel is awkward
  7. Turning on the watch by bringing your wrist up doesn’t work consistently, resulting in me flailing my arm around – and the “off” is too fast after a wrist-up “on”
  8. No number input while using as a phone – if I need to press “9” to make something happen, I have to go find my phone
  9. Maps just doesn’t work well enough for pedestrian use- I had to keep digging my phone out to see where I was going, again even in “mirror” mode
  10. No Google or Facebook or Amazon apps yet!

On the other hand – what I like:

  1. Controlling my Apple TV from my wrist
  2. Siri (especially for setting timer in kitchen)
  3. Not missing phone calls
  4. And – my biggest surprise – having a convenient device on my wrist that tells me the time!

This post was written by Glenbrook’s Carol Coye Benson.

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