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The Payments and Bitcoin Survey

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies have gained plenty of attention from the financial press and blogosphere, the technology press, and to a lesser degree, the media at large. We’ve read the pros and cons, predictions of both revolution and disaster.

And we’ve seen how this ferment has attracted multiple angel and VC investors to the scores of startups already working with math-based currencies and especially Bitcoin.

Until now, what we haven’t learned is what the payments industry thinks of all this.  What do the many participants in payments – from entrepreneurs, bankers, and regulators to the complex mix of entities in between – have to say about the present and future of math-based currencies like Bitcoin.

To find out, we’re launching a “Payments and Bitcoin” survey. Knowing what payments industry professionals and participants think about Bitcoin and other math-based currencies should provide a clear and valuable picture for those already in the Bitcoin business and for those considering Bitcoin’s role in their future plans.

At Glenbrook, we do know that:

  1. These math-based currencies are not going away.
  2. They will become part of the Internet’s expanding set of capabilities.
  3. We don’t know how fast this will happen.
  4. There are many legitimate use cases for math-based currencies.
  5. We don’t know which uses cases will win. Or lose.

The survey should take you five to 10 minutes to complete. If you want a copy of the results, just leave your email with us; otherwise the survey is anonymous. And please help us reach as many participants as you can via whatever social network tools you prefer.

Click here to take the survey!

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