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ROAP – Chipotle Is Earning My Loyalty Today!

Over the last month or two, I’ve become strangely addicted to the Chipotle iPhone app. That’s the app that lets me order my lunchtime Chipotle salad in something like ten seconds flat.

Why am I so addicted? Because of the beautiful integration of this particular mobile app with what I call ROAP – Remote Ordering and Payment. For restaurants with “infinite” inventory, this kind of application is perfection. (I thought ROAP was a better acronym than MOAP where M=Mobile!).

Glenbrook’s HQ in Menlo Park is about midway between two Chipotle locations – one in Palo Alto and another in Redwood City – both about 2 miles away. When I want to place my lunch order, I pull up the Chipotle app on my iPhone, click on one of my favorites (pre-saved), and then do a quick checkout. The only thing that slows me down for a few seconds is entering my password. Everything else is prestored – including my payment credentials.

The app confirms the earliest pickup time that the particular location I’ve selected can commit to – and I can adjust it easily to a later time if that’s better for me. When it’s time, I walk in, head for the checkout register (there’s always a long line waiting) and tell them I’m here. The Palo Alto location has gotten used to me – and they see me coming when I arrive. They hand me a bag with my order and I’m done. My stored payment card data is used to complete the purchase – totally behind the scenes. No waving, swiping or tapping of card or phone. It’s a thing of beauty.

I have noticed, however, that Chipotle has done nothing – other than delivering great food – to reinforce my loyalty. That’s apparently not a part of their current app – and, for all I know, may not be something Chipotle feels they need. I’d be happier perhaps if they did something to make me feel special – but meanwhile, I’m just delighted with such a hassle-free, convenient and easy ROAP experience!

What’s your mobile strategy? What can you learn from my Chipotle experience? (PS: Here’s Chipotle on Twitter and on Facebook.)

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Nigel Godolphin
10 years ago

In the UK, check out Ringo Mobile payment for Car Parking (and other services). Once registered, 40 sec to pay for my day parking at commute station – no more coins and broken machines. I get a VAT invoice emailed so I can claim expenses. I register my cars and choose how many days parking required all presented in quick voice menu. I am a great fan of ROAP and would like more apps on my iPhone to accomodate.