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How Fast Can You Go? Glenbrook Partners’ Allen Weinberg On How We Move Money

Digital River’s Commerce Connect podcast is focused on e-commerce and the people who make e-commerce payments happen. In this episode, Glenbrook partner Allen Weinberg is interviewed. Take a listen as Allen observes how the market has changed and how its rate of change and complexity has grown. He addresses, in particular, the evolution and impact of the multiple faster payment systems now expanding in the U.S. payments landscape.

“When you get paid you expect immediate access to your cash, but the U.S. financial system isn’t set up that way. Behind every check and credit card transaction is a complicated system that moves money from one account to another. Glenbrook Partners is a respected payments industry consulting and research firm that has the ears of people in the industry as well as those who regulate it. As a co-founder, Allen Weinberg has the inside track on how we move money, and how customers are driving the change to faster payments.”


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