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Bryan Derman

FinovateFall 2011: Day Two / Session 4 of 4

Glenbrook’s Bryan Derman is live blogging from Finovate in New York City. This is only one of a series of posts featuring Bryan’s impressions as over sixty payments technology companies perform 7 minute demos (no PowerPoint slides allowed!) over two days. The index for Bryan’s Payments Views coverage is here.

Now in the home stretch…

Transparency Labs

  • Trying to address the issue of fine print for consumers
  • Creating a massive database of terms and conditions on financial products and trying to use automated tools to understand what is happening to consumers
  • Also monitoring changes and can alert consumers when significant ones are made

ActivePath & Cardlytics

  • ActivePath will deliver credit card statements directly to email inboxes which include Cardlytics offers based on spending patterns
  • Offers can be activated from within the email and the bill can be paid
  • Rebates are aggregated and delivered directly into the consumer’s account at the end of the month


  • A financial matching service designed to help people select more appropriate financial products and services
  • Based on the answers to some basic questions, products bought by similar people are shown and pooled advice from a large number of financial advisors is provided

IND Group

  • Online and mobile banking vendor in Europe, seeking make these media into sales channels
  • The system uses QR codes to provide some PayPal-like P2P transactions
  • Provides the ability to tag and categorize individual transactions


  • Attempts to create more targeted daily deals by using actual purchase history
  • Offers are adjusted dynamically based on the predicted lifetime value of the customer (e.g., How much does this person typically spend on groceries?)
  • Offers are captured with a linked card and redeemed via statement credit; therefore, Offermatic can tell whether offers produce repeat customers


  • Service helps consumers reduce their debt burden
  • Helps the customer organize their regular payments and find ways to accelerate repayment
  • Will work with banks to help them manage delinquent accounts

Bobber Interactive

  • Provides the Goal Card, which is integrated with Facebook for rewards
  • From within Facebook, users can track spending, accumulation of rewards points, and progress in saving for specific purchase goals
  • A subset of Facebook friends compete and support each other in pursuit of their goals and help each other earn more rewards points
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