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Allen Weinberg

Reflections: Back to the Future

Today, Glenbrook celebrates its 15th birthday. It’s been quite a journey – an amazing one in so many ways – yet it also sometimes feels like we’re still on Day One! There’s so much happening in payments – and, more broadly, in commerce, financial inclusion, and crypto currencies! I was very fortunate to make a […]

Allen Weinberg

Farewell 2015

2015 has been an exciting, tumultuous year for payments. Our once “under the radar” industry now makes for daily headline news with stories and commentary (some breathtakingly uninformed) on new ways to pay, M&A activity, regulatory actions, competitive dynamics, security, and its future evolution. In consumer payments alone, 2015 was the year that things finally got […]

Dennis Moser

Dennis Moser – In Memoriam

On a bright sunny New Year’s Day 2015, we lost our long-time friend and colleague Dennis Moser. Dennis had been battling a recurrence of cancer – undergoing treatment to battle the disease following the appearance of new symptoms at Thanksgiving. I remember seeing him in the office just before Christmas – as he was about […]


Annual Glenbrook Payments Survey: Tell Us About YOUR Payments Organization

We are conducting our third annual payments organization survey to learn how companies’ internal structures are evolving to manage the ever-increasing complexity of payments. We are eager to learn how your company manages payments, and how your payments organization is changing – whether you are a biller, eCommerce merchant, or retailer; whether you sell to consumers or businesses (or […]


Glenbrook Survey: Tell Us About YOUR Payments Organization

Informal conversation with Glenbrook clients suggests that different companies have developed different organization structures to manage the ever-increasing complexity of payments.  We are eager to learn how your company manages payments, and how your payments organization is evolving – whether you are a biller, eCommerce merchant, or retailer; whether you sell to consumers or businesses (or both). […]


Chasing the E-Invoicing Dream: New Glenbrook Research

Companies of all sizes have adopted accounts payable (AP) automation solutions, yet recent IAPP-TAWPI and Glenbrook research reveals that e-invoicing benefits remain elusive. Semantics Electronic invoicing, or e-invoicing, means different things to different people, and much depends on the context. There are solutions that cater to accounts receivable, focused on enabling efficient creation and delivery […]


Payment Geek Meet Up at Menlo Park 7-Eleven

Yesterday Consult Hyperion’s Dave Birch paid a visit to Glenbrook World HQ here in Menlo Park. We talked payments, consulting, emerging markets, and blogging. But the highlight was our test of his UK issued contactless payment sticker at the 7-Eleven next to our office. It worked! You have to be a hardcore contactless geek to understand […]

Carol Coye Benson

Glenbrook at NACHA Payments 2010 in Seattle, April 25-28

Are you planning to attend NACHA Payments 2010 in Seattle April 25-28? If so, let us know. Glenbrook will be there. Erin McCune and Russ Jones are speaking on the emerging world of social payments and the B2B cash payment challenges. Carol Coye Benson and Jay DeWitt will be meeting with vendors and industry leaders. […]

B2B Payments

Payments Views 2009: Most Popular Posts and Recurring Themes

Glenbrook launched this Payments Views blog back in February as a place to debate and discuss the Payments News of the day. We’re thrilled with your participation in the comments and pleased with the steadily climbing traffic. Looking back over the past year, seven popular topics and recurring themes stand out:


Office Hours

Today, I tried an experiment – holding office hours. Isn’t that such a throwback to your old college days? Several folks have asked about how it went – so here’s a brief summary. Turns out it was good fun – and hopefully this also proves to be productive for Glenbrook in terms of future business. […]