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Thinking Through Moves and Countermoves on the Durbin Chessboard

After months of speculation and hand-wringing, last Friday we finally got a relatively complete reading on how the Federal Reserve will likely implement the prescribed regulation of debit interchange and debit network competition. My partner, Carol Benson, has also shared a summary of how various payment domains and players might be affected in the near […]


The Durbin Rules – Quick Takes on Impact by Domains and Players

At Glenbrook, we think (and teach!) about the payments industry by domains (the purpose of the payment) and players (users and providers). Our quick take on the impact of yesterday’s proposed rules on each is below. One general assumption I’ve made here is that the gap between debit interchange from big banks, and from smaller […]


The End of Interchange – Redux?

Last June, in an article titled “The End of Interchange“, I wrote about the then yet to be passed Durbin amendment – and how it might affect debit interchange fees. Earlier today, we got the first glimpse. The point of my earlier article was focused on the “sleeper” – as I described it – in […]

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Reflections on Sibos 2010

This week I’ve been in Amsterdam for Sibos – the annual international banking conference sponsored by SWIFT. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with SWIFT it is a consortium of worldwide banks that runs a global secure network connecting banks in over 200 countries. Interbank messages to support payments and brokerage trades all travel […]


The End of Interchange?

There, did I get your attention? … Tonight’s headlines say it even more clearly – see this Wall St. Journal story titled “Merchants Win Debit-Card Fee Battle“. Or, see this post on about the Durbin compromise announced earlier today. Seriously, it seems to me that there’s a bit of a sleeper buried in all […]


Getting Real About Durbin

I’ve been amazed by what I’ve been reading of late from the “analyst” firms commenting on the Durbin Amendment. A lot of what I’ve seen makes me wonder whether these folks should turn in their analyst licenses and simply register as paid lobbyists for their big bank clientele. (The Durbin amendment, for those not in […]


Memo to Bankers: A Customer is Someone Who Pays You

The dramatic vote on the Durbin amendment is causing panic, again, among retail bankers – who were last shocked by the Fed’s overdraft ruling.  I wrote about that in November (Watch Out! Big Changes in Retail Bank Pricing Are Coming). I think the underlying problem that banks are dealing with is that too much of […]


No News is Bad News?

A few weeks ago, Glenbrook issued a challenge to Payments Views readers: “What Are the Best Ways for Banks to Replace Lost Overdraft Fee Income?“ Given how significant the financial hit will be (JPMorgan Chase estimates a 2010 impact of $500 million after-tax), we thought we’d at least get some good ideas. Well, we got […]


Payments Views Challenge: What Are the Best Ways for Banks to Replace Lost Overdraft Fee Income?

Bank income from debit card overdraft fees is variously estimated as $25 billion to $38 billion annually. The recently announced Federal Reserve Bank regulations requiring opt-in procedures will result in a gigantic hit to retail bank P&Ls, as we wrote about recently. JPMorgan Chase, for example, in a recent investor presentation, estimated the impact of […]