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Co-Dependence Between Banks and Their Technologists: Hampering Innovation

Talking to banks and the biggest bank technology vendors at NACHA’s annual payments conference last week I couldn’t help thinking how they suffer from similar challenges. Big banks are hampered by their complex technology environment of legacy solutions with layers of more modern solutions built on top. Products and customer segments are managed in silos defined […]

Card Acceptance

PayPal Takes on Square and the Square Wannabes

As anticipated, and widely leaked, PayPal today announced PayPal Here, its mobile payments acceptance solution, at a private event in San Francisco. At a high-level it matches – and in some cases, exceeds – the features offered by Square and the other mobile POS vendors. In context, this has been a big week for PayPal, […]

B2B Payments

What’s so Special About Business-to-Business (B2B) Payments?

B2B payments are not a new opportunity. The payments industry is littered with ambitious business payment solutions that have faltered. Past failures are largely due to an exaggerated focus on buyers (at the expense of suppliers), grandiose network affect expectations, and an incomplete understanding of the complex financial supply chain. The broader payments industry has […]


“FX for the Little Guy” Western Union’s Small Business Payment Solution

Glenbrook’s Carol Coye Benson and Erin McCune are interviewing leading commercial payment providers and enablers to understand whether we’ve finally reached the ‘tipping point’ for B2B payments. This post featuring Western Union is the second of a series of interviews that we will be featuring here at Payments Views. You can learn more about the […]

Bryan Derman

Square at Times Square

Glenbrook’s Carol Coye Benson, Erin McCune, and Bryan Derman are teaching one of our Payments Boot Camps in New York City near Times Square today. Just out the window we spy this:


Reflections on NACHA Payments 2011

Got back this morning after a whirlwind two days in Austin for NACHA Payments 2011. I was in briefings or meetings nearly the whole time, so I barely attended break outs and skipped all of the general sessions, but here are my reflections based on my observations, various conversations on the exhibit floor, and my […]

B2B Payments

Research Results: Need for Faster, Easier Cross-Border Payments

New Glenbrook research, sponsored by Earthport, indicates that as companies do business with an increasing number of customers and suppliers over seas, they desire better cross-border payment systems.  Slow funds clearing, complicated reconciliation, and lack of transparency in foreign exchange fees make cross-border payments particularly challenging for businesses large and small. These are among several key […]

B2B Payments

Reflections on Sibos 2010

This week I’ve been in Amsterdam for Sibos – the annual international banking conference sponsored by SWIFT. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with SWIFT it is a consortium of worldwide banks that runs a global secure network connecting banks in over 200 countries. Interbank messages to support payments and brokerage trades all travel […]


Chasing the E-Invoicing Dream: New Glenbrook Research

Companies of all sizes have adopted accounts payable (AP) automation solutions, yet recent IAPP-TAWPI and Glenbrook research reveals that e-invoicing benefits remain elusive. Semantics Electronic invoicing, or e-invoicing, means different things to different people, and much depends on the context. There are solutions that cater to accounts receivable, focused on enabling efficient creation and delivery […]