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Is Amazon Best-in-Class for Online Payments? is in the news all the time with its continued expansion of markets and fulfillment centers, its focus on innovation and long term R&D, and, recently, some very non-intuitive acquisitions. It’s easy to get swept up in their story. But when a company gets as big and powerful as Amazon has become, it’s helpful […]


Look Who’s Talking Now

One of the fun things we do at Glenbrook is help clients think through product concepts in financial services, commerce, and payments. An intriguing area that I’ve been thinking about and watching closely over the years is voice-activated purchasing. My interest in “voice” stems from my belief that as microprocessors get smaller and faster, the […]


Glenbrook’s Retailing Framework

I’ve been thinking a lot about how payments and payment-related technologies fit into the emerging world of multi-channel commerce or omni-commerce as some people call it. When a lot of companies describe their omni-commerce strategy, they are usually talking about recognizing customers across channels and being able support a sales cycle that starts in one […]

Big Data

Machine Learning: A Road to Smarter Payments

I recently had the time and opportunity to bone up on machine learning.  The opportunity that presented itself was a 10-week on-line course taught by a well known Stanford Computer Science professor, Andrew Ng.  The course, offered by included lectures, quizzes, and programming exercises. It was great. And it really got me thinking about […]

Cross-border Payment

Local Knowledge, Global Payments

Certainly one of the most daunting aspects of cross-border payments is the complexity inherent in the fact that different countries have different payment systems. Many payment systems require data specific to the local processing environment. Sort codes, IBANs (International Bank Account Number), SWIFT codes, and ISO country codes are prime examples of data not typically […]

Card Fraud

Glenbrook’s Merchant Payments and Fraud Risk Management Organization Survey

We’ve launched a new research effort exploring best practices among merchants about how payments and fraud risk management functions are organized, staffed, and measured. If you work in the payments or fraud risk management functions for a merchant, please take a few minutes to complete our survey. In exchange for your help, we’ll share the […]


Do You Want a Commerce Identity? I Do!

Every year I try to attend what I think of as the PayPal Developers Conference. This year what used to be the PayPal X Innovate Conference was expanded to include eBay app development, Magento app development, and –– most importantly –– X.commerce app development. X.commerce is eBay’s new end-to-end, multi-channel commerce technology platform. While most […]