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The PayPal Juggernaut

A couple of weeks ago, eBay held an Analyst Day where eBay senior management shared their thinking about the future of the changing commerce landscape – and how they’re thinking about taking the “e” out of eCommerce. (Click here for the PDF of the presentation.) What’s this taking out the “e” business all about? It’s […]

Card Issuers

The Commerce Context

Last week my partner Russ Jones and I were exploring some of new ideas in the mobile payments space when we came across the notion of the “Commerce Context” – defined as when you and I, as consumers, are in an environment (a context) that’s enabled for commerce. The last fifteen years of the eCommerce […]

Conferences & Meetings

PayPal X Innovate 2010 – Day 2

Glenbrook’s Russ Jones is attending the PayPal X Platform developers conference in San Francisco. His post from Day 1 is here. The second day of payments conferences usually give me a chance to step back, reflect on what was announced on the first day, and catch up with some people to better understand how things […]

B2B Payments

PayPal X Innovate 2010 – Day 1

Glenbrook’s Russ Jones is attending the PayPal X Platform developers conference in San Francisco. His post from Day 2 is here. The PayPal news feed was running full blast today given all the various products, initiatives, and alliances that were announced on the first day of the PayPal Developer Conference. This was PayPal’s second developer […]


PayNearMe Refreshes Kombini Payments For The US

You are a bona fide payments professional if that headline makes senses to you. For everyone else, here’s an explanation. Kombini Payments Before we take a look at PayNearMe, let’s first explore how Kombini payments work. Kombini (variously spelled Konbini, Kombini, or Combini) or convenience store payments are an important element of the Japanese payment […]

Allen Weinberg

MasterCard Acquires DataCash – Game On!

As you may have seen on PaymentsNews, MasterCard announced the acquisition of DataCash, a pan-European (and a bit beyond) gateway, this morning for $520 million. Before I jump in, you might want to take a look at the earlier opinion piece I posted regarding Visa’s $2 billion acquisition of CyberSource, since the rationale for MasterCard’s […]

Banking Industry

OBeP OBoy!

I’m just back from a fascinating ten day visit to India – and, frankly, I’m still in a bit of a daze from that amazing experience. More to come about my visit there. Tonight, as I’m catching up on the happenings while I was gone, I came across a press release earlier this week from […]


Pay With A Tweet – A Social Payment System

“Pay with a Tweet – A social payment system.” These aren’t my words. Instead, it is the name of a new payment concept developed by an interactive advertising agency called Innovative Thunder. Given the work we’ve been doing on social payments here at Glenbrook, we had to investigate this one. Here’s how it works. A […]

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So, What’s Klarna?

Earlier today, Sweden’s Klarna AB announced an investment – indeed, a majority investment, by Menlo Park’s Sequoia Capital – and that Sequoia’s Michael Moritz has joined the board of Klarna. Talk about coming out of “left field”! A Sequoia investment – especially when led by Moritz (famous for his early investments Yahoo!, PayPal, Google and […]