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Dispatch from the Smart Card Alliance Payments Conference

For those companies and individuals most committed to building the EMV and NFC ecosystems, the place to be February 3rd through 7th was Salt Lake City where the Smart Card Alliance hosted both an EMV Migration Forum meeting and its annual Payments Summit.  Over 525 people attended, representing the chip industry, payment processors, card brands, […]

Card Networks

The Rise of the Smart Transaction

When I was a baby consultant some twenty years ago, I remember standing in Kepler’s Bookstore in Menlo Park (remember book stores?) thumbing through a paperback book called “The Rules of Marketing”. Rule #7 that said all successful markets will subdivide into submarkets as they grow over time. One of the examples cited was how […]


PRESTO Contactless Transit Solution Faces Hurdle in Toronto

I’m in Toronto for the EuroFinance conference which has the additional benefit of letting my try out the new PRESTO contactless fare system run by the Government of Ontario for GO Rail that brings commuters into Toronto.  The system is being rolled out as a closed loop contactless program with a tap and go approach […]


Payment Geek Meet Up at Menlo Park 7-Eleven

Yesterday Consult Hyperion’s Dave Birch paid a visit to Glenbrook World HQ here in Menlo Park. We talked payments, consulting, emerging markets, and blogging. But the highlight was our test of his UK issued contactless payment sticker at the 7-Eleven next to our office. It worked! You have to be a hardcore contactless geek to understand […]


Your Views on Contactless POS Deployments in the USA?

We’re looking for some impressions – from those of you “in the know” and from those of you who are just observant – about the state of contactless reader deployment at merchants in the USA. Below is a quick survey – we’d appreciate you giving us your opinions! If you’d like to receive the final […]

American Express

Failures of Branding

At Glenbrook, we’re pretty interested in what makes mass consumer adoption of new payments capabilities happen – or not. We’ve been talking lately about “brand as action” – the notion that consumers (and merchants) need a way to express how they are going to pay or be paid. This can be brand with a “capital […]