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My Half Life in Payments

Earlier this year, I was invited to keynote a conference in Sydney – something I always enjoy doing.  The conference sponsor wanted me to talk about disruptions, about how successful innovations in payments come into the world, and to provide a look inside Silicon Valley’s innovation culture.  I took the opportunity to do all of […]


Hostility in Payments

The recent entry of into the small merchant mobile POS card acceptance market may signal the last phase of increasing hostility in the US merchant acquiring segment of the card payments business. Prior to the launch of Square in 2010, the merchant acquiring business in the US might have been described as having some […]

Business History

Comprehensive (800 pages!) Guide to the History of Business

In anticipation of today's publication of the Oxford Handbook of Business History, Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge has an interview with the editor, Geoffrey Jones. Highlights from the interview: Why is this book important? Business historians over recent decades have generated rich empirical data on firms and business systems. They can in some cases confirm, […]