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Is Amazon Best-in-Class for Online Payments? is in the news all the time with its continued expansion of markets and fulfillment centers, its focus on innovation and long term R&D, and, recently, some very non-intuitive acquisitions. It’s easy to get swept up in their story. But when a company gets as big and powerful as Amazon has become, it’s helpful […]


Two Paths for Faster

The always-interesting Federal Reserve Bank Chicago Payments Symposium just closed, and predictably, a lot of the discussion (and argument!) was around “faster” – the evolving progress of the United States towards improvements in our payments systems. I was particularly interested in hearing other people’s views on the outlook for this in our country. I came […]


Faster Now Faster?

Over the past few weeks I’ve had a chance to talk about the prospects for faster payments in the U.S. with representatives from both The Clearing House and the Fed.  Both groups, as I’m sure you know, are actively working the space: the Fed with its ongoing Payments Systems Improvement initiative, now with a number of task […]


It’s Not About Payments

I just attended NACHA’s Council for Electronic Billing and Payments and I’ve come away with an even firmer opinion that this payments business I’m in isn’t about payments. It’s about data. A retail payment transaction has the potential to throw off a lot of valuable information: what you bought, what you bought along with it, […]


The Future of B2B Payments – And Suggestions on How We Might Get There

I am in London this morning, where I had an opportunity to present a vision for the future of business payments at Experian‘s Payments Strategy Conference 2013. Acknowledging that it is always dangerous to make predictions, this is what I envision for the future of B2B payments: Interoperability — I expect the future of business […]


“FX for the Little Guy” Western Union’s Small Business Payment Solution

Glenbrook’s Carol Coye Benson and Erin McCune are interviewing leading commercial payment providers and enablers to understand whether we’ve finally reached the ‘tipping point’ for B2B payments. This post featuring Western Union is the second of a series of interviews that we will be featuring here at Payments Views. You can learn more about the […]


“Working the Connections” A Look at SunGard’s PayNetExchange

Glenbrook Partners Erin McCune and Carol Coye Benson are on a mission to discover if the long-awaited  “tipping point” in B2B payments, signaling a world in which electronic payments are the norm, has finally arrived.  In pursuit of this, we’ll be interviewing solution providers over the coming months – let us know if you’d like to talk […]


Chasing the E-Invoicing Dream: New Glenbrook Research

Companies of all sizes have adopted accounts payable (AP) automation solutions, yet recent IAPP-TAWPI and Glenbrook research reveals that e-invoicing benefits remain elusive. Semantics Electronic invoicing, or e-invoicing, means different things to different people, and much depends on the context. There are solutions that cater to accounts receivable, focused on enabling efficient creation and delivery […]


Are you Attending AFP in San Francisco Next Week?

My colleague Carol Coye Benson and I are attending the Association of Financial Professionals Annual Conference in San Francisco next week. If you are planning to attend and interested in getting together to talk B2B payments (or any other payment topic) let us know!