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ATM Cash-outs, Security, and the Coming Authentication Battles

The arrest of eight in New York who participated in a global $45 million ATM cash-out attack revealed, once again, some hard truths about the cyber security posture of financial systems and the enterprises that operate essential payment infrastructure. First, the organization and sophistication of the attackers continues to improve.  These are global organizations peopled […]


Do You Want a Commerce Identity? I Do!

Every year I try to attend what I think of as the PayPal Developers Conference. This year what used to be the PayPal X Innovate Conference was expanded to include eBay app development, Magento app development, and –– most importantly –– X.commerce app development. X.commerce is eBay’s new end-to-end, multi-channel commerce technology platform. While most […]


Knowledge-Based Authentication: There Has To Be a Better Way – Or – Why Do I Feel Like Screaming?

After years of working in the somewhat arcane arena of digital identity and authentication, I’ve found my attention to what’s going on slipping somewhat. Frankly, it just hasn’t been all that interesting. The many attempts to rationalize the messy world of multiple ID’s and passwords seem to collapse, either of their own weight or for […]