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Cards and Wallets and Mobile Oh My!

I can’t help it – I’m a consultant; I love putting things into categories and into context.  I always find pictures and “maps” help when things get confusing.  So here’s my latest attempt at making sense of what’s going on with mobile payments and cards.

What really jumps out for me is the issue of card-not-present rules for cloud wallets. Particularly if these wallets are populated with issuer tokens, rather than full card numbers – it seems like it might make sense for the CNP rules to change.

Evolution of Cards Wallets and Mobile Payments 2 Mar 2014 CCB


I’m less concerned about the interchange impact here (although that is significant, for credit cards) and more about the liability issues.  Of course, what makes sense doesn’t always happen – but I remain optimistic.

Comments welcome!


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Navendu Chandra
Navendu Chandra
6 years ago

We sure and living in interesting times with lots going on at unprecedented pace and scale. You might find this thread about the same topic on Quora interesting:

Jeff Toewe
6 years ago


Where are the discussions currently in the industry for an ‘authenticated user’ rate instead of CNP? Predictions on it ever materializing? Who leads this discussion currently? What sanctioning body would manage its definition and implementation?

My guess is won’t happen until big FIs are genuinely disrupted. And by disrupted, I mean ‘buying the first few disruptors and still not changing anything anyway so they can still charge CNP’ 🙂

Ward Hagenaar
Ward Hagenaar
6 years ago

The MasterPass and digital wallets are also conceived for use in offline premises, in app payments, in conjunction with QR and barcodes and of course NFC.