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Bitcoin and Payments Survey 2014

We’re at it again. We’re conducting our second annual Bitcoin and Payments Survey. Please participate!

The survey takes about 7 minutes, maybe less. Do it from your smartphone while you’re waiting in the market’s check-out line or on the sofa using your tablet. The survey is mobile friendly.

This year we ask a few new questions about novel approaches to math-based currencies. We also dive back into your thoughts on Bitcoin’s future and its major use cases.


bitcoin and GB


Like last year, the survey is anonymous but if you want to leave your email, we’ll send you a copy of the report.

Last year, we were astonished to see how so many in the payments space believe that Bitcoin will have a long lasting impact and role in payments. No, it wasn’t a majority who thought that way but when north of 30% think that Bitcoin is going to change how we transact, that’s significant.

So, what do you think?

We can’t wait to find out how you view this phenomenon (and, yes, it’s still a phenom) now that we have another year under our belts, a whole lot more experience (good and bad), strong alternatives to Bitcoin itself, and new uses for the block chain ledger that will extend math-based currency utility well beyond payments.

So, take the survey. And help us get the word out. Let your friends know any way you can. The more participants, the better the results.


Here’s the URL:






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