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Card Fraud

Glenbrook’s Merchant Payments and Fraud Risk Management Organization Survey

We’ve launched a new research effort exploring best practices among merchants about how payments and fraud risk management functions are organized, staffed, and measured. If you work in the payments or fraud risk management functions for a merchant, please take a few minutes to complete our survey. In exchange for your help, we’ll share the […]

Jay DeWitt

Grappling With Groupon

Last weekend, my wife and I stopped into a downtown Spokane restaurant and I noticed on their Chalkboard a message to Groupon customers, pointing out some of the features and limitations of their Groupon coupon. I asked the proprietor about their Groupon experience. She said she was very surprised by the number of sales, which […]

Jay DeWitt

Payments News You Can Use! (Of the Beer and Transportation Sort)

If you’ve been following the blog posts and tweets from the Glenbrook crew this week, you know that a few of us have been attending NACHA’s Payments 2010 event. I’m a Seattle native, now living in Spokane, and I had the opportunity to ride the new Sound Transit Central Link Light Rail into the city […]


When Worlds Collide [NACHA Payments 2010]

I’m here in Seattle today at NACHA’s Payments 2010 conference along with Russ and Erin.  I’m mulling over a couple things I heard in sessions today, trying to draw the line between them. Early this morning, I sat in on a briefing by eCom Advisors about a study they did in partnership with FIS and […]


Is Global eCommerce Really Such a Dark and Scary Place?

Here at Glenbrook, we work closely with eCommerce merchants on issues and opportunities that they confront every day. Increasingly, the questions we hear surround the topic of “going global” — “What countries should I sell into? What local payment methods are important? Who can provide my company’s payment services over seas? It seems that U.S. […]


Payments as Business Strategy – MRC March 10-12, 2009

The Merchant Risk Council is holding its 7th Annual e-Commerce Payments and Risk Conference on March 10-12, 2009 in Las Vegas Nevada. I will be leading a panel discussion at the conference on “Payments as Business Strategy”. In this discussion, we will highlight how payments management is an important part of any eCommerce Merchant’s overall […]