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Dennis Moser on Merchant Payments Complexity

Dennis Moser is Glenbrook’s payments systems expert.  He’s worked on building the engines that make payment networks run, especially the critical component of the POS and payment acceptance infrastructure.  He’s also been neck deep in payment data management systems, both as a designer and as a data mining practitioner. Dennis and I have worked together […]


Glenbrook Launches Insight Workshop Bitcoin: Basics and Beyond

Any reader of Payments Views knows that most of us at Glenbrook are impressed by the potential of math-based currencies (MBCs). And all of us agree that participants in the payments industry (in the broadest sense) need to understand Bitcoin and its crypto-currency relatives. Having seen so many Internet technologies grow from concept to first […]


What Comes After Bitcoin?

Since the media latched onto Bitcoin as good fodder for the 24 hours news cycle, the hard focus has been on Bitcoin, its merits, and shortcomings, as a currency, commodity, and as next generation payment rails. My thinking on its currency and commodity aspects is straightforward. If you don’t understand Bitcoin, don’t buy it, caveat […]


EMV, Data Breaches, HCE and the Pace of Change in Payments

One of the pleasures of joining Glenbrook has been getting to know what and how the other Glebrookers think about what’s happening in the payments industry.  We talk a lot at Glenbrook. Over iChat, email, mobile phones, Skype, Google Hangout with voice and video, through Google Docs, and whenever we meet up for client work […]


Mt.Gox Collapses, Bitcoin Shrugs It Off

Tuesday’s collapse of pioneer Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox has been widely covered by the international tech and general media. There’s no doubt quite a story behind its demise. The rumored theft of hundreds of millions of dollars in bitcoin will provide plenty of fodder for journalists and investigators. The pain of those who lost their bitcoin […]


Dispatch from the Smart Card Alliance Payments Conference

For those companies and individuals most committed to building the EMV and NFC ecosystems, the place to be February 3rd through 7th was Salt Lake City where the Smart Card Alliance hosted both an EMV Migration Forum meeting and its annual Payments Summit.  Over 525 people attended, representing the chip industry, payment processors, card brands, […]


The Age of Context and Security

The news from Target, increasing the number of cards compromised to 70 million and the expansion of data loss to mailing and email addresses, phone numbers, and names, affirms that we’re in a security crisis.  As my colleague Scott Loftesness puts it, card data is, from a brand and business perspective, the new radioactive material.  […]


Bitcoin in 2014

Last year was, of course, the break out year for Bitcoin.  Incubating in geek-nurtured obscurity during its first few years, 2013 saw the international media, global investors, entrepreneurs, and even a few just plain citizens jump onto the math-based currency (fewer managed to actually purchase some bitcoin). The currency has since ballooned in value.  It […]


Bitcoin’s Growth Not Without Pains

At a mostly excellent Inside Bitcoins conference last week in NYC, the major features and flaws of the Bitcoin experiment were on full display. Starting with the keynote of BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem to some excellent panels featuring thoughtful and experienced participants, the conference offered ample evidence of the potential for Bitcoin and other math-based […]


The Payments and Bitcoin Survey

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies have gained plenty of attention from the financial press and blogosphere, the technology press, and to a lesser degree, the media at large. We’ve read the pros and cons, predictions of both revolution and disaster. And we’ve seen how this ferment has attracted multiple angel and VC investors to the […]