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The State of Payments: 2014

What a year it has been! Twelve months ago, there were still people in our industry who didn’t know what Bitcoin was. There were still people who believed that EMV would roll out in the U.S. just like it did in the U.K. There were still people who thought that the developing world would build […]

Conferences & Meetings

It’s Complicated: What we can learn from the developing world about payments

I was fortunate enough to spend a day yesterday at Bill Maurer’s IMTFI (Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion) conference at UC Irvine.  Bill is an anthropologist, and his institute funds fascinating small projects in developing countries that look at how people interact with money.  (IMTFI, in turn, is funded by the Bill & […]

B2B Payments

Think Big: What Could Change Our Industry

Here are some thoughts on big actions that industry incumbents could take to strengthen their positions and the U.S. payments industry. What do these ideas have in common? First of all, they are infrastructural or market-wide. Secondly, they all ask one or more incumbent constituencies to bite the bullet – and accept some reduction of […]

Carol Coye Benson

Don’t Trash-Talk Cash

As I read about mobile payments, it always entertains me when relatively green journalists make references to using mobile phones rather than payment cards to make purchases. Typically, they are confusing the instrument (the phone, the plastic) and the system: after all, most mobile payments are made using card systems. I think there is an […]


The State of Payments – U.S. Market 2012

It’s hard to believe that the end of 2012 is in sight – and it’s almost equally hard to believe that three years ago, a few of us at Glenbrook were thinking, “gee – all the exciting stuff in payments has already happened”. Yet we don’t think we’ve ever seen so much action in the […]


Bankers to NACHA: 1978 Is Modern Enough for Us!

The NACHA membership has reportedly turned down the concept of “Same Day ACH“. This was a request for comment, put out about a year ago by NACHA staff, to — get ready for this — not move the ACH to same day, but simply allow originating banks the option of submitting a same day batch […]

Carol Coye Benson

The NFC Debit Challenge

I was in Washington this week for client meetings and to attend an FTC conference on mobile payments. At the conference, in addition to many regulatory lawyers and consumer protection advocates, there were the usual mobile payments suspects: Visa, MasterCard, Google, Isis, Intuit, etc., as well as a host of startups: LevelUp, Dwolla, Boku, and […]

Carol Coye Benson

The Potential for (Much!) Faster Payments in the U.S.

I’m at the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank’s conference on Consumer Payment Innovation.  Bruce Summers, Former Director, Federal Reserve Information Technology, just finished presenting a major paper on payments system infrastructure and the Fed’s potential role in new systems in the future.  The paper, which builds on an earlier paper coming out of the Chicago Fed’s Symposium on […]