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Allen Weinberg

Green Dot’s New Mobile-Optimized Bank Account

I had the opportunity to attend the launch event of Green Dot’s new GoBank yesterday (1/15/13) in San Francisco and came away quite intrigued. Sure, there are a plethora of financial services targeting the unbanked and underbanked, but what I found most interesting was Green Dot’s focus on the “unhappily banked” and those new to […]


EMV in the USA: A Mobile Commerce Jump Start. Who is Impacted and How?

Visa’s recent announcement that essentially paved the way for wide-scale implementation of both EMV and contactless acceptance in the US was expected in some respects (based upon its earlier announcement in February), and surprising in others. Depending on where you sit in the electronic payments ecosystem, it could be a real positive, negative, or neutral. […]

Allen Weinberg

Listening to Chris Dodd’s Keynote at the ETA Annual Meeting

Former Sen. Chris Dodd, ex-Chair of Senate Banking Committee, probably needs no introduction to anyone in payments. In his keynote address to the annual meeting of the ETA this morning, he commented on the Durbin Amendment: Excluded interchange from original bill because it was so complicated. “Almost impossible … to draft something that struck a […]

Allen Weinberg

MasterCard Acquires DataCash – Game On!

As you may have seen on PaymentsNews, MasterCard announced the acquisition of DataCash, a pan-European (and a bit beyond) gateway, this morning for $520 million. Before I jump in, you might want to take a look at the earlier opinion piece I posted regarding Visa’s $2 billion acquisition of CyberSource, since the rationale for MasterCard’s […]

Allen Weinberg

Payments Innovation – What Matters?

I’m currently working on a speech on innovation in payments/financial services and would love your input. What recent innovations have personally affected you in the past few years? No signature at Starbucks? Envelope-free ATMs? Using your credit card to enter and exit the parking facility at your favorite airport? Depositing a check by taking a […]

Glenbrook Payments Education

Glenbrook in Haiti!

One of my partners, Bryan Derman, and I are in Haiti for a few days kicking off a project where we’ll be part of a team with RTX Technology Partners designing a “from the ground up” electronic payments system for the Republic of Haiti. Our team began competing for the project over eight months ago, […]

Allen Weinberg

Field Report from 2010 ETA

Another year has flown by and here I am at the 2010 ETA Annual Meeting. I love to walk through the exhibit hall and see “what’s hot,” what’s changed, and what never changes at this ISO conference.  So here goes… Before I arrived I tried to predict what the hot areas would be;  I predicted […]

Allen Weinberg

Hosted Payment Pages and Fields

As a volunteer at several non-profits, I have, of course, jumped or gotten pulled into those organizations’ payment issues. Accepting donations over the Internet is increasingly important and there are a staggering array of specialized service providers that offer turnkey payment acceptance. Over the past year though, we at Glenbrook have noticed more and more […]

Allen Weinberg

Interview with Jason Hogg, CEO of Revolution Money

I jumped at the opportunity to interview Jason Hogg, CEO of Revolution Money, parent company of Revolution Card. My colleagues and I at Glenbrook Partners are frequently tapped as a source of information about the very latest goings on in the world of “alternative payments”, but unfortunately, Revolution doesn’t share a whole lot of key […]