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Annual Glenbrook Payments Survey: Tell Us About YOUR Payments Organization

We are conducting our third annual payments organization survey to learn how companies’ internal structures are evolving to manage the ever-increasing complexity of payments.

We are eager to learn how your company manages payments, and how your payments organization is changing – whether you are a biller, eCommerce merchant, or retailer; whether you sell to consumers or businesses (or both). And we’re also interested in learning how the payments function is managed within payment providers of all kinds. We want to understand the inter-relationship between finance and the payments function, and also how the balance between payments and risk management varies from company to company. In our third iteration we’ll have an opportunity to track changes over time, noting how organizations adapt to increasing globalization and the blurring of online and offline commerce providing critical benchmarking insight to you and other participating companies.

In order to better understand payments organizations we are eager for your insight. Please take our Payments Organization Survey now.

All survey respondents will receive a copy of the forthcoming research report and Jacqueline Chilton will be presenting the results via webinar over the summer.

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