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A Look Back at Payments in 2011

As we’re winding down for the year, we wish you the best for you and your family this holiday season!

At Glenbrook, we thrive on thinking about how payments are evolving and how these changes will affect us in the years ahead.  In this look back at the important payments themes of 2011, we share a summary of some of our best thinking over the course of 2011 from our web site.

If there’s been a dominant theme for payments in 2011, it’s clearly been mobile payments. Over the course of the year, we commented several times on mobile payments:

But there was more to 2011 than just mobile payments.  Some of the other themes included:

Then there’s – of course – Durbin and the new regulation of debit card interchange fees for the largest banks in the US.

Plus, there was Visa’s announcement in August encouraging the migration of the POS acceptance infrastructure in the US to add EMV and contactless acceptance to the existing mag stripe-based acceptance.

Finally, in the world of non-card based payments, there were other items of note:

About Glenbrook

We’re payments geeks who very much enjoy work with our clients on their most important payments strategy issues.  Our writings reflect our love for what we do.

We’ve had a great 2011 at Glenbrook working on projects with great clients! If you’re thinking strategically about the payments landscape and its evolution, we’d enjoy working with you.  You can learn more about each of us at Glenbrook by visiting our website at:

Our best wishes to you for a great 2012!

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Brian Herwick
10 years ago

Great year-in-review, thanks Scott! We listed our favorites from 2011 as well if you’d like to check them out: