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Ecommerce Payments

How Fast Can You Go? Glenbrook Partners’ Allen Weinberg On How We Move Money

March 3 2020

Digital River’s Commerce Connect podcast is focused on e-commerce and the people who make e-commerce payments happen. In this episode, Glenbrook partner Allen Weinberg is interviewed. Take a listen as Allen observes how the market has changed and how its rate of change and complexity has grown. He addresses, in particular, the evolution and impact of the multiple faster payment systems now expanding in the U.S. payments landscape.

“When you get paid you expect immediate access to your cash, but the U.S. financial system isn’t set up that way. Behind every check and credit card transaction is a complicated system that moves money from one account to another. Glenbrook Partners is a respected payments industry consulting and research firm that has the ears of people in the industry as well as those who regulate it. As a co-founder, Allen Weinberg has the inside track on how we move money, and how customers are driving the change to faster payments.”


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Drew Edmond

Merchant Payments Operations: Reporting and Analytics

In Kavita Jiandani’s post Assessing a Merchant’s Payments Operations, she introduced Glenbrook’s methodology for our in-depth assessment of a merchant’s payments operations. In her introductory piece, Kavita highlights the major Key Assessment Areas we evaluate during each engagement. In this Payments Views entry, I continue with a focus on one of the Key Assessment Areas: […]


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The Rush for $350 Billion in Small-Business Loans Starts Friday. Banks Have Questions.

“A day before small businesses can apply for forgivable loans from the $2 trillion financial-relief package , banks say they are still struggling to understand how to make these loans eligible for a government guarantee. Under the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program, part of the stimulus package signed into law last week in response […]


How Payments Can Adjust to the Coronavirus Pandemic–and Help the World Adapt

“As the catastrophic human costs of the coronavirus come into clearer focus, so too do the consequences for people’s well-being beyond the immediate imperative to safeguard lives. Taking care of our families and friends, our neighbors and communities, our employees and coworkers comes first. For that reason, companies across industries and geographies have scrambled to establish […]


Department Store’s Tough Times Continue: S&P 500 Index Drops Macy’s

“Macy’s is one of many retailers reeling from the COVID-19 outbreak, furloughing most of its 130,000 employees after closing its 800+ stores. But the effects also have hurt Macy’s status as a U.S. business power player: the department store is being removed from the S&P 500 Index. Macy’s will be replaced by air conditioning company Carrier Global, according to S&P Dow […]